After hitting this weeks target, we can now go back down to missed pivot at 1.1219 for 80-90 pips.

6 thoughts on “EURUSD Short to 1.1219”

  1. George Deprez says:

    With 24 pips into move, just moved stop loss to BE+3.

  2. With half the move now complete, I have taken 30% profit and implemented 30 pip trailing stop.

  3. George Deprez says:

    With 80% of the move now complete, I am moving to 15 pip trailing stop.

  4. George Deprez says:

    SL reached. Trade closed.

    30% 44 pips
    70% 55 pips

  5. Miles says:

    Congrats, great trade and very well managed!
    “I have taken 30% profit” means you close part of the position or you just moved the SL to trailing -30 pips?
    So you exited with a -15 trailing stop, what is 30% 44 pips and 70% 55 pips?
    Thank you

  6. George Deprez says:

    Thanks Miles.

    I covered 30% of my lots with a 44 pip gain when I reached the halfway mark.
    Yes,I turned on trailing 30 pip stop.
    When the move was 80% toward my profit, I changed trailing to 15 pips.
    I probably should have taken some profit at that point (and I thought about it), but did not.
    Then, the remaining 70% was stopped out with 55 pip gain.
    All in all, I was happy with the trade.

    I still think we will hit the original target at which point I will be considering another long trade.

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