The EURUSD has been range bound past couple weeks and think it continues, however, in the short term I see it hitting 1.1120 and bouncing before heading higher with a break of 1.1150 and possible target –pivot WM4 @ 1.1210 — retest before tuning lower. It is currently making higher lows on daily and 4H but not higher highs. It is a bold prediction because daily is bearish 21 EMA below 55 EMA but on smaller time frames 1m and 5m has started a reversal with 15m pull back to 21 EMA but 4H stochastic is in oversold territory and has already tested 1.1050 level a few times if a break of 1.1040 I would then be very bearish but my prediction is short term heading higher with a roll reversal on 15m chart.

** Notice higher highs/lows on 5m and potential role reversal on 15m.

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