The greenbuck gained in strength after Trump s first speech in front of the congress despite the fact that tax question was not raised, the Market seems to have liked that his tone was less aggressive. Being a bear on the Euro until past the elections in France and Germany I will look for opportunities to sell EURUSD.
Note : Euro CPI is the only major fundamental scheduled for tomorrow and chair Yellen speech for Friday that can affect the trade plan.

Market and price direction are currently flat, hence I am gonna use range trading strategy. The pair opened the month at MM2/psych level 1.0550 which I identify as support( green area on chart). Resistance is eyed at psych 1.0600/dynamic resistance? top of the range level at which I intend selling should Yellen speech goes the same way as her colleagues. Second resistance MPP

Market direction flat , price direction 5 ema converging with 8. Resistance at WM3 confluence DM3 / psych level 1.0600 top of range identified on Daily chart , level were I put my sell pending order.Alternatively Resistance is also at WR1 confluence MPP and DM4 . Support at WM2 and WS1. the target of my pending order is at WM1.

Market and price direction bullish confirming that we still in the bullish zone of daily chart. Resistance eyed at DM3 confluence WM3 /psych level 1.0600 . another resistance is at DM4 confluence MPP.

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