Market is flat(ranging) and price is bullish and our stoch is heading to oversold. price came of MM2 1.0535 AND TARGET of the month is MM4 1.0870. As a bear im looking to sell at my resistance which is pink MR1 1.0772 or 1.08000 or MM4 1.0870

Market is bullish and price also bullish but the stoch is oversold.price came of WM2 1.0600 and target is WM4 1.0780 which is near our confluence MR1. As a bear im looking to sell WM4 1.0780 if price breaks im looking to sell at WR2 1.0811 which is at the top of the range.

Market is bullish and price bullish but our stoch is oveersold. as a bear you will looking to enter at DM3 1.0773 with a target of DM1 1.0705. bear in mind that bulls can enter at DPP 1.07500 OR DM2 1.0739 and push the price to DM4 1.0807 or DR2 1.0819 which is confluence of WR2 .thats where you can look to enter again

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