Im A BEAR in this pair due to my technical analysis

MARKET is bullish but overall we are in a range since from 2015-2017.price is flat and stoch heading down.price is at resistance MM3 1.1256.As a bear im looking to enter at MM3 1.1256 with a target of MM1 1.0827.iF PRICE breaks , will be looking at next level of resistance which is top of the range MR1 1.4000 with a target of MS1 1.0966 .IF PRICE breaks will look for a countertrend at MM4 1.1470.will be looking at lower time frames to enter.

Market is flat(range) and price is oversold. we at the top of the range and price has found RESISTANCE at WR1 1.12500 CONFLUENCE of MM3. AS A bear will look to enter at my lower time frames for confirmation with a target of WM1 1.1112. IF not wait for break of the range and wait for price to pull back and enter at 1.1100 .IF PRICE breaks my level of resistance will look for a countertrend trade.

2 thoughts on “EURUSD SHORT 01 JUNE 2017”

  1. Travis Streitz says:

    I am also a bear watching this trade at the same levels. Just curious what entry reasons on the lower timeframes will you be looking for? ie double tops, 5/8 cross, a rejection of the 1.2500 with bearish engulfing candle?

  2. frank says:

    im already in that trade now, normally these different ways to enter the trade. FIRST i saw the trade ranging at WM3 so i used range strategy.that is buying at the bottom of the range and selling at the top of the i sold at wm3 top of the range and price broke the range and waited for a pull back and sold again 21 ema (1.12344) role reversal. what was support became resistance

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