Price pulled back at the MPP and is currently at a key support level. I'm waiting for a Role Reversal scenario, where the current support turns into resistance, and sell at that level.

I traced my entry plan, consisting of selling on the retracement on the RR. Target: 1.1716

4 thoughts on “EUR/USD – Sell Plan”

  1. Jim Reddihough says:

    Nice plan. Can you tell me which advisor you are using which forecasts pivot points for next period please?

    1. João André says:

      Hey Jim.

      I’m using “regular” Pivot Points set up for Weekly and Monthly.

      To see next week’s pivots, I just set up the indicator to do so, by clicking “Yes” on the option “PlotFuturePivots”.

      Hope I could help.

      1. Jim Reddihough says:

        I’ve got Weebly Pivot EA and it just draws predicted central when I do that. You must have installed something different. Any idea what? Thanks Jim

        1. João André says:

          Hi Jim.

          Sorry but I can’t help you. I got my Pivot’s from my first “tutor” and I believe he said that these were same that Wayne uses/used.

          Don’t know exactly where he got them.

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