Why I am bear on Euro
1. The central banking policy has remained unchanged amd is stil expansionary. The ECB is still carrying out the purchasing of bonds to weaken the Euro, stimulate economic growth through increased lending and expenditure for consumers post the 2008 recession. Weak currency creates a sell-off bias.
2. The COT report indicates that there are more sellers than buyers in net-non commercial positions(me and you). Thia gives an indication that the market of the EURUSD is more bearish than bullish.
3. I am a dollar bull because of interest rates increase since December by FOMC. The FOMC has mentioned a possibility of further rate hikes in 2017 and maybe market may possibly price in bullish dollar against the Euro.

Data– has been positive with CPI and GDP showing an increase from previous December data.
CPI is 1.8% vs previous 1.1%. GDP at 0.5% followed by a decrease in unemployment at 9.6% vs the previous 9.7%.
* The data above have influenced further highs for the EURUSD for Euro bulls. Now price is headed towards M4 which is the Bear sell entry zone @1.0850 or @1.0900
NB *I n anticipation of tomorrow’s FOMC meeting we can assume that the the Fed will remain dovish and not increase interest rates and that the USD will favour a bullish bias on the US Dollar.
Bears are patiently waiting to sell at the psychological level of 1.0850 or 1.0900.
I want to sell the EUR against the USD


Price has been bullish since the 4th Jan 2017. Price moved higher from central MPP with a tatget to M4 for bulls. The 21 MA below 55 indicating market is bearish but no clear indication cause they are flat. Resistance at M4. Bears willl look to sell here.


Price has been stuck in a channel since 4th Jan 2017 and is now above WM4. A possible bull target would be WM3 though price might retrace below WM2 and break the channel for a move to the downside. A break below the channel would signal a change in market direction from (bullish to bearish). Look for an entry at either WR3 or WR1.


Stochastics is overbought and is at WR2. Price 21 is above 55 indicating market is bullish. Though we are in a bear zone. *look for sell opportunities on H1 and lower to enter the trade.

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