Euro has been looking a bit weak as of late, so looking to sell the euro. No news forecasted which could affect trades.

Price has established itself within the upward channel again after a break out that didnt last. Price currently bearish. With MM3 as the starting point target is MM1. MMP currently acting as support and a break through of that will see price go further towards the target.

With price currently at support on the double bottom, looking at price to rise and bounce of either the 21 or WM2 resistance.WPP signals WS1 as target. Looking to sell the lower high.

Price is bearish. Looking for the price to form a lower high. This could lead to price bouncing either of the 21 or at the dpp wm2 resistance. 21/55 is currently separating. Stochs heading up as well, so will proceed with caution before executing the trade.

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