Good day everybody. With the interest rate hike we saw the opposite effect occur last night. Market believing the Fed might only raise twice this year. I am looking to sell this pair due to still being a dollar bull and a Euro bear


The pair has been having consistent series of higher high and higher lows so i am still a bit wary. But with price now in bearish territory im looking to sell this pair on lower time frames. MR1 looking like a point of resistance. Failure to break this Resistance could see a reverse of price to Ms1. But a a break will see price shoot past it and get to the MM4 pivot and also allow for an entry to sell due to target being reached. Stochs are overbought as well so im gearing up for a sell opportunity.


Currently price is close to the WR1 pivot of which it bounced off from. Looking to sell this price. This is some strong resistance but caution will be exercised before entering. A break to WM4 is likely, which could act as another point of entry. Stochs overbought as well so will look into entry on lower timeframes


Looking at price to bounce off DM3 again before selling it. Confluence of DM3 and WR1. Looking for confirmation signals before entering. Stochs have crossed the over the 80 mark so patince will be exercised

One thought on “EURUSD SELL 16 MARCH 2017”

  1. Teboho Faro says:

    Im looking for it to push up to WM4 then sell. However I wont ignore the fact that its finding resistance just below WR1

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