Why Sell the Euro?
The ECB central banking policy has remained unchanged and is stil expansionary. The ECB is still carrying out the purchasing of bonds through the APP (Asset Purchase Program) to weaken the Euro, stimulate economic growth through increased lending for banks and increase spending behaviour for consumers post the 2008 recession.
* I am a bear on Euro I look to sell based on this fundamental reason.


Price is currently at MM3 a bearish candle. MM3 indicates bear target to MM1. A break of price below MPP will incicate continuation of downward trend. Price is aso in the Bear 61.8 Fib at 1.0805


Price came dowm from WM3 is now at WS1. Bulls will enter and try to push price above WPP. Failure in price to move above WPP, bears will enter to sell again below WPP with a target to WM1.


Price is currently at DM1 and at 21 MA. Bears will look to sell at DPP to push price down to DS3. With a lagging stochastic approaching overbought and 21 below 55, market is bearish.

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