I am a bear still on Euroo due to Zero interest rates and expansionary fiscal policy of the ECB.
Market is bullish on USD due to a possible rate hike eyed by banking market participants surveyed on the CME Fed Watch Tool.

The EURUSD is stuck in a range. A range strategy will be followed to trade this pair. My entry will take long to see fruition but I will wait for price to come to either major or minor resistance point in price and be using a pending order.


Price is between MM2 and MPP indicating that price is ranging. 21 21 below 55 indicaing that market is bearish. Bears will sell at MPP Resistance and Bulls will buy at MM2 Support.


Note- There is major and minor range support and resistance on H4. *Looking at the the minor range between WS1 and WM4 price is ranging. Price has bouned at the WR1/ 1.06 price level prevoiusly. This may hold as strong resistance. Support may be stron at WS1/1.05 area.tochastics is oversold however I am still a Bear on the EUR. *Wait for overbought stoch to enter at possibly WR1.


We are not trending since we are in a range. Until we break the major support at 1.05 and make a lower low/lower high we are stuck in a range. *I will sell at either the major resistance @1.08 OR minor resistance point between 1.06/1.07.

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