When scalping looking for confluence and when to enter the trade using the ADX indicator when it is trending up ideally > 25 along with one, either positive (buy long) or negative (sell short), DMi–directional movement index — exceeds threshold > 20 and the PSAR indicator should also heading in same direction plenty of yoube videos explain in greater detail and looking for additional confluence with moving averages, stochastic, and draw higher time frame 15m, 1hr, 4hr, fractal trend lines of most recent swing high and swing low on 5m chart for stronger support and resistance. I love fractals! The higher time frame produces less swing high/lows so when price is breaking higher TF resistance/support levels provides additional confirmation of direction. The ADX also shows you when you should stay on the sidelines and not trade i.e. indicator is flat with ADX line and/or both pos/neg DMI lines < 20 level basically becomes range trading using the stochastic indicator which is superior in those instances vs trending market. Prefer 5m and 15m charts less white noise than the minute chart. Appreciate feed back and like to give back when I can. Go TradersWay and Wayne McDonell!

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