I was going to take the day off but my one follower–myself– needed me! My best WM analysis, choppy tight range now as of 7 15pm EDT, after downward drubbing due to post EU Draghi commentary price action returned to bullishness late Friday afternoon on 15m chart with a reversal in bearish market sentiment (21 EMA below 55 EMA). I believe sideways action until higher time frame MA’s — moving averages — catch up then downward spiral looking to break support at 1.0950 if get retracement then down to next 1.0910 where stopped post Brexit. Anyone think the destination could be 1.0840 before heading up to 1.1060? I’m not a fan of shorting 1.0970 at WM2 pivot last week until it breaks 1.0950/40 handle with a pullback/retracement (drop it like it is hot) and let the market tell us what direction. If move upside needs to break 4H fractal level 1.0980 and faces additional resistance @ 1.0990 and psych 1.1000 close to new WPP. Might be good spot to short?

* note -- add momentum indicator to stochastic not that I don't trust my indicators but I wear suspenders with my belt.

notice start of reversal on 5m chart end of day Friday plus 78.6 FIB retracement move

Clarification about using 5m Chart also compare momentum indicator on stochastic looking for divergance

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