First day of the month , as US federal reserve getting closer to raise interest rate . Negative yield in Euro compare to positive yield in Dollar . EURUSD pair is going down . BEAR will look for selling at any rally .

EURUSD Daily ( 1 Nov , 2016 )

Plan A look to sell near monthly pivot MPP about 1.1 Plan B If it continue rally up to monthly pivot MM3 look for selling opportunity.

EURUSD H4 ( 1 NOV , 2016 )

Plan A look to sell near weekly pivot WM3 about 1.1 ,if it fail Plan B look to sell at weekly pivot WS2

EURUSD 15 M ( 1 NOV , 2016 )

Entry time frame 15M BEAR wait for rally up to near 1.1 level for reversal pattern to sell about 1.1 SL 1.15 TP 1.07

4 thoughts on “EURUSD Monthly Trade Plan ( 1 NOV , 2016 )”

  1. allank says:

    hi Daniel,nice posts,do you sell the 5min 5/8 cross or the 15min.please clarify on that

    1. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:

      Hi Allank
      After H4 meet my entry criteria of selling at weekly pivot WM3 then I use 15M as my entry time frame . I am looking for higher high then higher low form
      and sell at higher low.. You may also sell at 5M 5/8 cross . whichever is more convenient to you . For me leave enough room to play out for stop lost at least above previous higher on the H4.
      thanks for asking.

      1. allank says:

        Hi Daniel,could i get your email for further discussion?????

  2. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:

    Thanks allanK 🙂 is my email , It would be beneficial to you and many others when we discuss the trade open here . I believe this is the purpose of so that we all can improve in our trading through open discussion.

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