Monthly pivot points are very powerful trading tools that provide support and resistance in the market. I received a note this last week requesting guidance on Weekly and Monthly Pivot Points, and thought to illustrate the example of Monthly M2 Pivot Support that contributed to the most recent bullish move on the EURUSD associated with today’s ECB Press Conference.

Monthly M2 (seen below) acted as support for the EURUSD at 1.0843 before the rally,  and the pair is now slowing just below Monthly R1 at 1.12270.



The Monthly Pivots for the EURUSD are listed below:

  • MONTHLY R2     1.15823
  • MONTHLY M4    1.14047
  • MONTHLY R1     1.12270
  • MONTHLY M3    1.11238
  • MONTHLY PP     1.10206
  • MONTHLY M2    1.0843
  • MONTHLY S1      1.06653
  • MONTHLY M1     1.05621
  • MONTHLY S2      1.04589

Kind Regards,

Tyler Lund

US Dollar Analyst, FOREX.TODAY

11 thoughts on “EURUSD MONTHLY PIVOTS”

  1. jean janssen says:

    thanks, very useful

    1. Tyler Lund says:

      Your welcome

  2. dima pekurovsky says:

    Tx,Tyler.Important for the high timeframe overwiew to see the full picture.
    Great job Tyler!!!!

  3. Tyler Lund says:

    You bet

  4. Miles Nummularius says:

    Thanks Tyler for bringing up Pivots on EURUSD! Following your analysis based on Pivot Theory, a bottom at M2 should predict a top at M4 during the month, up to 1.14, of course if you’re a bull. On the contrary, EURUSD should have topped at M3 if you were a bear expecting it to go down to M1, but it didn’t react to it at all. So how do you place in your Pivot Theory Analysis the fact that EURUSD slowed down at R1?

    1. Tyler Lund says:

      Miles, to get back about the market slowing at R1. You can’t follow Pivot Theory exactly, saying that a bottom of M2 will predict at top of M4. R1 is a very powerful level of resistance, especially in a monthly perspective. So, use pivot theory as a guide with the understanding that the other pivot levels are to be fully respected as well.

  5. Tyler Lund says:

    Thanks Miles. I just saw this … I’ll review and be back with you…

    1. cfatienza2 says:

      Hi Tyler, which indicator you used for the trading session hours like Sydney,tokyo, London and newyork?

      1. Tyler Lund - FOREX.TODAY says:

        This is a custom indicator

  6. cfatienza2 says:

    hi Tyler, your using camarilla pivot point or classical/traditional on your monthly?

    1. Tyler Lund - FOREX.TODAY says:

      Traditional Monthly Pivots

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