As I wrote today for premium members; after ECB Monetary Policy announcements EURO has started to lose blood. And as it was not enough for EURO bulls; the political situation in Spain – Catalan Independence Declaration – fell into the news. We are likely to see a weak EURO for a while. I believe that Draghi does not want a strong EURO.
Dollar Index ( DXY ) will play an important role in EURUSD game. I have published an article on Friday about DXY. New visitors can read from the following link.

Dollar Index and new scenarios: An overview

As the largest part of the Dollar Index, the euro was also carving out a reversal pattern. The neckline of the head and shoulders top was violated with the help of Draghi’s open-ended extension of the ECB’s asset purchases.
Technicals And Key Levels



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  1. Tony Berry says:

    Very nice job! Thanks

  2. Maryna says:

    All I can say Mike Torro is that you are making a mockery of this group with your ‘signal’ trades that you copy and paste to this site.

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