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Hello traders welcome back to a new trading week. Traders today I have to say the charts look ok, however there is no data today to move price action so this is going to be a total technical trading day. and that is OK I really like that remember stay with the trend and look at the higher time frames and price action. Last week was very hard and we need to be very alert today…..OK so today as we do every Monday let us take a look at EURUSD- This is the 30 Minute chart. Today we are going to keep with the trend. We are bullish on the daily and this chart we are at resistance so I am looking to place the Fibonacci tool on the chart and get a 50% pullback at price level 1.1314. I am looking for a buy trade at the pullback and buy this to resistance at 1.1380 for our take profit zone. The other issue is there is no data today so this will be a technical trading day.Talk soon traders …..William

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