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Hello traders we made it to Friday and looks to be a very busy day as we have NFP in the U.S. session. We see Gold is on the rise as Oil is at 43.62 $ P/B. The markets closed mixed yesterday and we can expect this for the rest of today. I am looking at the EURUSD today and we can see on the chart we are at resistance from the bad data in the U.S. session and caused dollar weakness. I am bias bearish on this pair and am looking for a sell entry at the London open at the price level of 1.1119 and we have a clear ride down to the support level of the S1 pivot point at the price level of 1.1149.

Traders I have to say if you are not experienced in NFP do not trade live account today, as my mentor would say go back to sleep or go play golf. I think I will do lunch at the beach today as I am in Thailand. Traders have a good trading day and enjoy your break, Remember Monday is Labor Day in the States and markets are closed so a long weekend…..Enjoy talk to you on Monday ……William

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