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Hello traders welcome to a new trading day. Traders today we have the results of FOMC with a rate hike of .50bps. Traders today is going to be unknown as traders take profits and others will cry as they lost money and the others are partying haha.. I have look at the charts and the trade plans are very conservative. Traders if you must trade please do so on a demo account. We do have data releases all day today.

Plan Your Trade and Trade your Plan !

OK traders let us take a look at the EURUSD- This is the 30 minute chart.This is the 30 minute chart.l have say we are just going to continue the trend that is on the higher time frames and the current time frame. I have placed a Fibonacci tool on the chart and we are waiting for a 23.6 pullback. At this time I will look for a bearish candle for an entry of 1.0902. I have to say yesterday trade worked well due to data from the FOMC. I am looking to take profit at the support of 1.0875.

Thank You Traders and talk soon…William

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