Today the CPI (Consumer Price Index) and Core CPI data have been released.

This data has medium importance on the valuation or devaluation for the euro.

The data simply points out the change in price of goods and services purchased by consumers.

Its numbers are released monthly and are used to track inflation.

CPI: Change in the price of  goods and services purchased by consumers. Actual number released today 0.0% from a -0.1% forecast.

Core CPI: Change in price of goods and services purchased by consumers excluding food, energy, alcohol and tobacco. Actual number for today 1.0%

from an 1.0% expected.

The euro inflation was 0.0% in March 2016. It increased from minus 0.2% in February acording to the Eurostat.

Inflation in the euro area can be divided into four major components:

1- services

2-non energy industrial goods

3- food

4- energy

Whenever the data is released and the number is greater than the forecast it is good for the currency.


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  1. Ronnie H Oren says:

    Thanks for such a clear explanation of CPI, and its effect on the currency. Very helpful.

  2. Dimitar Ivanov says:

    10x Nuno. Very good article.

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