EURNZD open near weekly pivot buy zone WM2 .Bull looking for buy opportunity from WM2 (1.6820 ) to WM4 (1.7150) a potential of 330 pips move

EURNZD Day ( 9 April , 2018 )

EURNZD was supported around monthly support MS1 and Bull is looking for buying opportunity from here

EURNZD H4 ( 9 april , 2018 )

Monday it open near weekly pivot WM2 . Bull is looking for WM2 ( 1.6820 ) to WM4 (1,7150 )

2 thoughts on “EURNZD weekly Trade Plan ( 9 April , 2018 )”

  1. Charles Bidner says:

    Thank you for the analysis Daniel. When I consider this pair I feel the NZD has been particularly resilient of late, against most, or all other currencies. Also the EUR seems particularly soft ATM, not fantastic data out of the Euro zone, I would like to see the EUR strengthen in the near term but am not confident. Again thanks for your analysis but do not actually agree with it, I would very happily be wrong! Have a fantastic week!

    1. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:

      Thanks Charles . 🙂

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