EURJPY Trade Plan for 2017 ( 28 Dec , 2016 )

EURJPY Trade Plan for 2017 . In Jan 2015 this pair dropping like falling from the cliff about 150 to 130 ( a 2000 pips move ) , will the history repeat again ? As a BEAR will wait and anticipate if it ever come down then follow the trend to sell it down .

EURJPY weekly ( 28 Dec , 2016 )

EURJPY has reach resistant area and was rejected 2 weeks ago ?

EURJPY Daily ( 28 Dec , 2016 )

EURJPY has been ranges in the last week because of thin volume , once the market participant is coming back it show the direction .

EURJPY H4 ( 28 Dec , 2016 )

EURJPY H4 Bear will wait for price to rally up and got rejected near double top of 124 area looking for reversal pattern to Sell .

6 thoughts on “EURJPY Trade Plan for 2017 ( 28 Dec , 2016 )”

  1. Profile photo of Kash Kash says:

    Hi Daniel, I am a bear too and the 61.8% Fib retracement from High(132.306) to Low(109.446) of 2016 is 123.566, some 40 pips shy of current spot 123.10(at time of writing)…a sweet spot to sell!

  2. Profile photo of Maryna Maryna says:

    Hey Daniel, thanks for the plan. I waited for a re-test of the H4 trendline (as per my plan posted) and it went above the trendline, so no-trade yet from me on this one and waiting to see if it will fall at 123.200, otherwise I will look to sell at 124 (double top on Daily) and as per your plan. No sign of JPY weakening yet.