EURJPY Trade Plan for 2017 ( 28 Dec , 2016 )

EURJPY Trade Plan for 2017 . In Jan 2015 this pair dropping like falling from the cliff about 150 to 130 ( a 2000 pips move ) , will the history repeat again ? As a BEAR will wait and anticipate if it ever come down then follow the trend to sell it down .

EURJPY weekly ( 28 Dec , 2016 )

EURJPY has reach resistant area and was rejected 2 weeks ago ?

EURJPY Daily ( 28 Dec , 2016 )

EURJPY has been ranges in the last week because of thin volume , once the market participant is coming back it show the direction .

EURJPY H4 ( 28 Dec , 2016 )

EURJPY H4 Bear will wait for price to rally up and got rejected near double top of 124 area looking for reversal pattern to Sell .

6 thoughts on “EURJPY Trade Plan for 2017 ( 28 Dec , 2016 )”

  1. Kash says:

    Hi Daniel, I am a bear too and the 61.8% Fib retracement from High(132.306) to Low(109.446) of 2016 is 123.566, some 40 pips shy of current spot 123.10(at time of writing)…a sweet spot to sell!

  2. Maryna says:

    Hey Daniel, thanks for the plan. I waited for a re-test of the H4 trendline (as per my plan posted) and it went above the trendline, so no-trade yet from me on this one and waiting to see if it will fall at 123.200, otherwise I will look to sell at 124 (double top on Daily) and as per your plan. No sign of JPY weakening yet.

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