With this pair i am looking to sell. This is due to Euro possibly being weak after the Central bank releases its statement. Not much change is expected to occur today after the meeting. Euro is still weak due to their current policy so im looking to sell. Interest rates are going to be decided upon and still expect for them to remain the same rates for the time being.

The pair is pushing toward WPP which should act as a major form of resistance. This coincides with the Fibzone and is an area bears can sell at. Its currently also at the previous support turned resistance building a case for a sell move. Stochs are confirming overbought conditions so looking for a confirmation entry to sell. Should WPP fail as an entry, looking to sell at WM3 reversal pivot

Currently the pair is at heading for Dr1 after surpassing DM3. This is a bear zone and entries from here are expected. Its at previous support which is now current resistance. Looking to sell the pair upon confirmation. Stochs still in Overbought phase.

3 thoughts on “EURJPY SELL PLAN”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hi Bonga, I will only sell this pair when it breaks the 120.90 level as this level became support on 1 Dec and has resulted in a few false breakouts. Failure to break this level and any bullish signal may take us up to the 124.00 area.

  2. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:

    Thanks Bonga my bias on this pair is Bear . 🙂

  3. Malesela Nkwe says:

    Thanks Bongz…

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