Technical analysis for GBPJPY and EURJPY with new monthly and weekly pivot points. I kept these pairs separate as my focus is probably going to be on the commodity pairs though if the Yen gets strong and the Euro and Pound are weak then I will certainly look for opportunities to sell, we definitely have the right price to do so.

This is my last trade plan for the year. Thank you for reading all my posts this year and to those that provided feedback, thank you! A huge thank you to Wayne for everything you have done for our community and everything you have taught me in 2017 in all our interactions. You Sir are a scholar and a gentleman! Wishing you health and prosperity!

Have a peaceful celebration team! See you next year!



Price is going to open below MM3 which is just below December's MM4, a price where Bulls are likely to take profit. The target for MM3 is MM1 - which is the bottom of the range price just broke out of. Price did break out of its range last week and MPP marks previous resistance. I will only trade this pair if I get a confirmation of Euro weakness against Yen strength. The daily stoch is overbought though has not rolled over yet.


MM3 is also WM3. The target for WM3 is WM1. As mentioned on the daily chart, I will only sell this if Euro is weak and of course if we get a reversal pattern or a lower low below 135.000.


As price action clearly shows, the market on this time frame is not bearish yet and in fact price made a higher high on Friday. Bears are looking for a reversal pattern or a lower low. A break below 135.000 is key for Bears. A break below 134.000 puts this pair back in it's range. Bulls are eyeing WPP.


Price is going to open below MM3. The target for MM3 is MM1/ MS2. Note that the market is sideways, the daily stoch is overbought and MM1/ MS2 mark the bottom of the range.


Price started coming down on Friday off of what is this week's WM3. MM3 is a few pips above. We have role reversal support at 152.000/ WPP.


Bears are waiting for a reversal pattern or a lower low below 151.500. Bulls are eyeing WPP as it is support

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