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Hello traders welcome to a new trading day. I have looked at the charts and all I am seeing some really good set ups for us today. Please look at the trade plans and see if they match what you are seeing also. There is data today so please be alert to that and also several speakers.

OK traders let us take a look at the currency pair of the day looks like a nice trade on the EURAUD- This is the 30 minute chart chart. Today I have to say we have not had any price action yesterday and today I am looking for a close of a candle below the daily pivot point and look to enter this trade at the price of 1.5272. I am looking to take profit at the support line as marked on the chart at the price of 1.5172.

Thank you traders and we will talk soon……

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One thought on “EURJPY 30 Minute Chart Analysis”

  1. Jim Reddihough says:

    EURJPY headline and chart but trade description is EURAUD.

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