An up date on my earlier post on this pair,  well price action has push the price to form a double top right now on the daily chart. However we have been hear twice before in the last week . Daily stochastic is bullish and rising  higher?

Daily chart EURGBP

On my 4 hour chart price is at WR1 0.7846  strong resistance .Will price push through resistance and claim higher. Right now price is still bullish it looks  like the 4hr 5 ema is in charge stochastic is in the over brought zone BUT has not cross downward, so price can break resistance and move higher .

If you want long at the WPP 0.7749  nice trade.

15th March EURGBP  4 hr chart

The  hourly charts shows price also in the over brought zone, but looks a bit flat right now.

EURGBP 15th March 16

We have the Budget tomorrow so depending on if the market like what it hears or not  from the chancellor of the Exchequer  George Osborne (he will get to his feet around 12.30 GMT). So we need to be ahead of the game Have a plan

pick your bias and wait for price action to go your way and enter a trade

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  1. Tyler Lund says:

    Great Analysis

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