Price  is waiting for the UK data releases of the CPI report at 9.30 GMT +1 . pick your bias, Plan your Trade and then trade your plan. Right now price is at DPP @ 0.7093 which is also a 38.2 fib good news if you are a bull on this pair. We may get a pop and stop price action today due to a lot of traders are a  wait on holiday right now so just be carefully where you plan your profit target?.

Sell Order:  look for an entry  DR1 @ 0.7123 or if price break support at DPP @0.7093 look for a retest and if fail to break drop in a short order.

Buy order : look for an entry of a fib level between 38.2% to 61.8% level  drop in a long order if you see price action   making a  1 2 3 pattern .

Have a great day trading


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