This Pair is still trending to the downside on the hourly and H4 time frame, unable to break above the 0.8600 level.
Thus I will be looking for trades for continuation to the downside throughout the day. We do have GBP services PMI out today, and will be cautious around the time of this data release.

EUR/GBP daily chart

Price has opened below MPP, and has found support at 0.8500, which is also MM2, a bullish entry zone. Resistance is eyed at MPP, which is also the 0.8600 handle.

EUR/GBP H4 chart

Price has opened the week below Wpp, and has bounced off WM2, a bullish entry zone. until price has broken above WPP, there is still downside momentum on this pair, and I will look for shorting opportunities around WPP, which fits into my bearish fib zone, it is also the 0.8600 handle, as well it being MPP as well. furthemore, we also have an overbought H4 stochastic.

EUR/GBP H1 chart

Price is opening up above DPP, but is approaching DR1, a bearish entry zone, this are is also previous resistance, WPP,MPP as well as being the 0.8600 psyche level and within my bearish fibzone, this is the area I will look for reversals on lower frames for entries.

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