View: Bullish on EURGBP
Trigger: When all 4Hr SMA’s (10/20/50/100/200) crossover in perfect alignment:

10SMA>20SMA>50SMA>100SMA>200SMA (4hr candles)

You can see this on my charts as follows:
10 SMA: Red
20 SMA: Magenta
50 SMA: Plum (marked with a Red Cross on the last chart to indicate SL)
100 SMA: Lime Green
200 SMA: Blue

Trade: Buy EUR/GBP at current price 86.09
Stop Loss: 50SMA, trail price as it moves towards target price and gradually move SL to Break Even for a zero-risk trade profile.
Target: 87.09 for a 1:1 risk/reward in the region where MR2 (0.87176), WR2(0.87138) and the 0.87 ‘psych’ level are confluent.
Max gain: 100pips
Max Loss: 100pips
Breakeven: 0.8609 or entry price

This is my EURGBP trade plan.

May the pips be with you!

EURGBP 4HR SMA Alignment

EURGBP Weekly Pivots

EURGBP Monthly Pivots

EURGBP 50SMA Stop Loss


2 thoughts on “EURGBP PERFECT LONG”

  1. Dalmas Ngetich - FOREX.TODAY says:

    I especially liked the way last week’s candlestick closed. a perfect bullish engulfing and a double bar reversal pattern. I’m short GBP.

    1. Kash says:

      Thanks for the like and feedback Dalmas. I agree, I am not going to argue with that Green Bullish Engulfing Weekly Candle on EURGBP last week. My direction is set. May the pips be with you!

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