eur-gbp-4-fxiTrend is still down in EUR/GBP currency pair, 4 hours time frame. Vital resistance could be seen at 0.7195 price level. Based on Elliott wave analysis we have got a double Zig Zag bearish pattern in EUR/GBP currency pair and now price is most likely going to print a bottom. A good idea is to wait for a bullish break out of the bearish trend channel. Current price action offers a possible buy trading chance to catch the bottom. However; if price just keep falling down then I would prefer to stay out of the market and re-analyze the price action of EUR/GBP currency pair.

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2 thoughts on “EUR/GBP looking for a bottom in 4 hours chart”

  1. cat says:

    thanks ,got a few pips going up

  2. Siraj Ali says:

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