Good day all. Im a bear on the Euro due to the current instabilty in Europe with regards to elections and the possibility of more countries pulling out of the EU,


Price has been on a downtrend and has reached a point of support at 1.36950 This support was last reached in May 2015. A break of this support could see a bigger selloff with this pair.


Market is flat with resistance at wm3. Looking at price continuing with the downtrend and going towards the target at WS1 which happens to be at the bottom of what seems to be a range


Price heading up to DM3. Looking at buying selling the pair at the dm3 which also happens to be the bearish zone. Price could range between DM3 and Dpp but a break of dpp could see price head down to DM1. Stoch currently heading up as well so we could see a test of resistance before heading downwards

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