EUR/AUD daily long

price has opened up at support, and has shown signs of reversal on lower time frames ( shown on my hourly chart).

EUR/AUD H4 chart

price has opened the week at wm2, which is also a double bottom, shown by the two arrows on my chart. it is also at the 61.8 of the upside move, and would be the third move of the 123 upside breakout as shown on my chart.

EUR/AUD H1 chart

double bottom at the 1.43800 area. price opening sessions at ds1 and wm2.

One thought on “EUR/AUD daily long”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hey Dominic, the 1.4380 is indeed a strong support level and now waiting for London open in 9 mins time to see if it will hold.

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