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Hello traders welcome to another exciting day of Forex trading. I have to say the charts are looking good. I just wanted to say traders as we look at 30 minute charts do not forget to look at higher time frames for support and resistance levels. Next week I will show you a chart from my live account so you can understand what I am saying. Enjoy your weekend break…… Ok let us take a look at the AUDUSD- This is the 30 minute chart.This pair continues to have a bearish bias. So today we are looking for the short move. I have looked at this price action and all I am look for is to go bearish. I am looking for this to get below the 200 ema and look for a bearish candle for our entry at 0.7165. We have two take profit zones on this the daily pivot at price 0.7118 and the other at S2 pivot at price level 0.7082 also at the support line as marked on the chart.
Have a great weekend and talk soon…. William

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