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Hello traders and welcome back as we look at another currency pair today. I would just like to make a comment on why the dollar has become weak and the currency pairs are all over the place well I can say it all in one word China as there markets yesterday had a very bad day. We have to remember that we are MACRO traders and we trade the globe and this will and does impact our trading, no big deal we just trade what is in front of us. Well being That was nat a happy statement I am showing you a chart today that has been trending so nice to the long side for the past week and just contunues to go, the reason is we have a very strong EURO and a weak AUD. So letus take a look at the EURAUD- This is the 30 minute chart chart. Today we have to say the daily is bullish as all the time frames are bullish. The trade for today has to be bullish if you look at the daily chart has made the move. The plan is to get a Fibonacci pullback to the 61.8 level at price 1.5200 and look to enter the long trade. We want to take profit at the resistance level which as you can see this pair continues to trend long so we are look at price level 1.5256. This this pair is trending very nice this week. Thank you traders and talk soon …. William

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