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Hello traders good to be back with you as we look at another currency pair the EURAUD 30 minute chart. I really enjoy trading this pair it has a mind of its own and it moves 130 pips per day.

OK let us look at the trade plan for today I am looking for an aggressive pull back to the 23.6 Fibonacci level at the price of 1.4635 to sell this and look to take profit at support at the price zone of 1.4483. This is a good plan however it could take some time to get our entry so we have to be patient.

Thank you traders and we will talk soon…….William

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2 thoughts on “EURAUD 30 Minute Chart Analysis”

  1. Dalmas Ngetich - FOREX.TODAY says:

    Been whopped severally by this pair, he he, I was waiting for that breach bellow the triple bottom but it looks like price took a turn up.I will look to buy after tomorrow if the candlestick remains bullish imo

  2. Adil RADI says:

    Thanks for the analysis William, it really raises my interest because I am bullish on my plan, based on the support at 1.45000 on the daily it is more visible, and considering the 123 pattern on the hourly, it might very well go upward & break the 100 MA on the 1h chart… as you say, we have to be patient and cautious on this one

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