Yesterday EURUSD pair gained over 90 pips.

Smells like a good Short opportunity.  🙂




I will carefully watch the price action on M15 chart, to look for the possible reversal down from the resistance. (1.1210-1.1220).    Also big psycho-level of 1.12000 can be reversal point as well.

Well, talking about EUR, here is EURJPY setup.  (though I had suggested better off not to trade Yen pairs…)



Oops, the price is already in the SELL ZONE !  (Sorry, I should have posted this setup much earlier!)

OK, how about this?  (in a smaller timeframe)


Yes, I am bear.  So simply wait for the break of Asian market low, and try to short at re-test of 134.00.


Hope you can find some trading idea from this post.


YJ Baik – Forex.Today @ Tokyo



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