A possible continuation move after price didn’t rise above 1.1200 on Monday?

1 Hour

Price is starting the day on the 21 ma and stoch's here want to fall so it could cycle for 10+ hours.

1 Min

Look for the 233 ema to hold here on the 1 min for confirmation of the hourly 5 run & stoch cycle that can be just under way on the 1 HR. Price on the 1 min is below D-M3 and is looking to fall below the D-PP so it could target D-M1 -S2 , down to the 1.1125 zone to the next '00' Psych level. Lets see how it plays.

1 Min & 1 HR

Price did come down for an extended time period into the target zone for the day as pivots predicted. Now the 1 HR stoch looks to cycle up into the London session possibly. Look for another short opportunity somewhere btwn the 38.2-61.8 zone. The 50% will likely be the new D-PP. Let's see how it plays.

2 thoughts on “E/U Update 2 (+)”

  1. Brendon Davis says:

    Great catch, it’s on the way… down 🙂 Well spotted ..

  2. Miles says:

    Congrats! You completely nailed it!

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