Hi, happy to have found this community. Hope i am able to meet new friends here.

I have posted 2 pictures. The first one let us see the bigger picture of this pair, EU. And the second one will tell us what opportunity ahead of us in the coming weeks. I realized by crossing two main trendline, i can divided the chart into 4 zones, price will either move up, down or sideway.

Thank you for looking at my post. Many pips to all.

Victor Lew.



3 thoughts on “EU, the bigger picture and the opportunity ahead.”

  1. Miles says:

    Welcome Victor and thank you for sharing your charts! What’s your bias on EUR and based on what fundamental or technical evidence?

    1. victor lew says:

      Hi Miles.
      Thanks for dropping in. According to Charles Henry Dow Theory, … http://www.forex-central.net/charles-dow-theory.php
      ( his article explain better than me.. ) and as i have realized, crossing 2 major trendline will indicate price is at which zone. Then i will either long or short. based on what opportunity available.

      I swing and scalp trade at lower time frame. Due to my trading preference, i am not bias on long or short. If i have to bias on this pair, I would wait for the pull back (or long at this pullback) and shorting EU on longer term.

      1. Miles says:

        Great to know Victor. I am also a bear on EUR on the longer term. I look forward to hear from you how your strategy will work in the future!

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