Market says 100 DXY. which means EURO <=1.1150. I'd like to see the comment section on what your opinion is.


3 thoughts on “DXY Technicals”

  1. Hey Bruk, thanks for the analysis. I am a little confused however, you chart suggests DXY down, your comment says EUR (EURUSD?) at 1.1150. If I am reading that right, they contradict each other, right?

  2. Bruk Teffera says:

    Hey Charles, thats a weekly chart. I was stating the fact that If/When DXY reaches the top of the range depicted in Orange color which is also Yearly R1, Euro should reach 1.1150. Then at that time EURUSD should be turning Up as DXY is turning down from that 100 LVL.

  3. Bruk Teffera says:

    Also if you look at it from Yearly Pivot, Price bounced off Yearly S1, which then price should target a move to Yearly R1

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