Holy Smokes! Take a look at what I found on 15m chart is history going to repeat itself @ the 101.45 level? It is possible when the Asian session starts might drift lower from a continuation on Friday after disappointing data before heading up to 101.45 but I just can’t seem to think history is set to repeat itself again how many times! I just wanted to share with everyone and couldn’t wait for new weekly pivots to come out tomorrow. ** See additional comments below that I added to the post.


** Notice the recent highlighted moves to the left! Complete the picture on the right.

USDJPY 15m Correction

correction this image shows correct 21/55 1H EMA on 15m chart. sorry for confusion.

2 thoughts on “Deja Vu — USDJPY 15m 1-2-3 Pattern”

  1. Jo says:

    Nice one John !!!! I’m eyeing the same pair as well, we’ll see how it turns out when Sydney opens later today

  2. JohnA says:

    Oh, I should have mentioned that floor seems to be @ 100.80 of course always comes with a disclaimer i.e. in the absence of extremely disappointing data, geo political news, BOJ policy changes, etc… and left to its own I believe should rebound. So if we don’t head lower then what is left? possibly ranging between 100.80/101.50? We need to stay above 101.75 and then 102.00.
    I’m not bearish or bullish at this level more neutral, however, after the huge sell off and a 1-2-3 potential reversal pattern on 15m and based on previous structure at this level believe we would be headed up from where we are now but I always ask myself are we headed up to go higher or to come down. I’m encouraged by the 1-2-3 which could be the start of recovery other wise I feel it would have just continued lower on Friday after a little bit of profit taking. Let the market tell us.

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