Today’s technical view of Oil, Gold, Platinum, and Copper. Essential when trading comdolls. Hope this helps.


Price coming off WR1. Support eyed at 51.00 marking role reversal of last week's breakout. Target from WR1 is WS1.

Gold H4

Price is at MPP/ WM3. Strong resistance to be sure. Giving Bears a target of WM1 with support eyed at WPP.

Platinum H4

Price coming down off MPP/ WM3 - very similar to Gold. Bearish target is WM1. Support eyed at WPP/ WM2.

Copper H4

Beautiful day for Copper. Price is currently above the aggressive weekly target on a Monday. It is very possible for price to be back at WPP by Friday. Note that price is currently at the monthly target.

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