Today’s technical view of Oil, Gold, Platinum, Copper and Iron Ore.


Price has failed to break above WR1/ MM3. As mentioned in a previous post we have role reversal support at 51.00, note this support is in a bearish zone. The target for the week is WS1.

Gold H4

Price is on its way to WM1/ WS2. MM2 is a few points above WM1.

Platinum H4

Price has found support at WM2 though has not broken above WPP yet. Bearish target for the week is WM1/ WS2. Should support hold and price start making higher highs the Bullish target is WM4.

Copper H4

In yesterday's post we had Copper coming down from the weekly/ monthly target due to profit taking. This has happened followed by a 5/8 cross. We expect price to be at WPP by the end of the week.

Iron Ore H4

Price is coming down off the 55 EMA and WPP with a target of WS2 and a bearish stoch. Note the previous low at this price, we are paying attention to price action for a double bottom by the end of the week.

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