Yesterday was an interesting day. As I have mentioned in my weekend reports; I was expecting a decline on JPY pairs in favour of JPY.

” It is obvious that one of the weakest currency is YEN. Abe DOES NOT WANT a strong Yen. He wants weaker and weaker JPY. The only reason of the “Relatively Strong” Yen is the safe haven perception – which I still do not understand but I just take as it is – I have 2 cases which makes me think of a slightly stronger JPY in this week or during the first 2-3 days of the week. ”

Currencies Overview Week of Oct 30th – Now 3rd

And on Sunday I have published another article pointing out the Mueller Investigation and it is possible effects on DXY.

We might have an interesting week: Premium Members

During U.S. session we started to see a stronger JPY, GOLD and CHF.




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