If you are an Aussie Bull then this matters to you.Two caveats – FOMC next week, technically DXY is setting up for weakness, though if the Fed hike next week we should see some interim strength, methinks (perhaps lackluster NFP coming?) also US10Y isn’t looking very bearish. FOMC good for higher US10Y yield so maybe favor the AUDJPY trade over the AUDUSD trade though Gold will only head up to a weak Dollar, either way – put it on your watchlist and as always, no setup, no trade.

Copper Daily

MS2 at the start of the month. Oversold.

Gold Daily

Bottom of range. Oversold

US Dollar

Look at how primed Dxy is for Dollar weakness in the near term.


Bulls getting ready


Bulls getting ready. Only caveat is US10Y.

US10Y H4

Bulls and Bears at the table. FOMC to lead the way?

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