Yesterday, I posted CADJPY short trade setup.

The basic idea was to sell from H4 21EMA with the Stochastic kicker.

So far, it looks … OK, but not enough, right?


I still consider selling this pair, at least down to Double Buttom.

Here is the Short zones.

I would like to sell from Fib 38.2-61.8% if the price comes up.


If, on the other hand, the price keeps dropping, I would like to short after the break of DPP.



Hey, tomorrow will be BOJ Monetary Decision Meeting!

But I don’t expect any surprise!  But who knows??  🙂


Hope this setup helps you a bit.


YJ Baik – Forex.Today @ Tokyo



2 thoughts on “CADJPY Trade Setup Cont. (Dec 17)”

  1. Horace Sutherland says:

    Thanks YJ, let’s see if it will drop further to the 38 Fib retracement of if the 21 EMA will continue holding.


    1. Thx for your comment, Horace.
      I still think this setup was basically working, until BOJ… 😉


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