CADJPY has been in the down trend in the last 3 years as Oil price plunge from $100+ to $40 -60 area. Nov and Dec 2016 Weak Yen brought this pair to all time high about 88 .

CADJPY weekly ( 4 Jan , 2017 )

This pair potentially rejected at the down trend line

CADJPY Daily ( 4 Jan , 2017 )

Looking for sign rejection at sell zone MM3 about 88

CADJPY H4 ( 4 Jan ,2017 )

The price went above weekly take profit zone WR2 and turning south. BEAR will look to sell after lower low and lower high formed to sell about 88 SL 89 TP 86.

WTI USD monthly ( 4 Jan 2017 )

OIl is near the Flip zone of May and June 2015 . where the Bear in control since then .

6 thoughts on “CADJPY Trade Plan ( 4 Jan 2017 )”

  1. Great work Daniel. Lets see how these January markets are for us!

  2. True, WTI Oil prices will infleunce the bearing of this market. if it goes down, then I’m net short the CAD, but then the Yen. Two currency pairs which are weak at the moment.

  3. Thanks Dalmas . Agree 100% both weak now .. just waiting if Yen ever got strong again for whatever reason in the beginning of the year . 🙂

  4. That true, it got strong and I posted about NZDJPY maybe it was because of profit taking.

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