CADJPY on daily is still on a down trend and I believe it will still go down. On my H4 chart we broke through what was my support/PP , and on my H1 chart we previously saw the 21/55 cross and there was a lower high. I believe my support/PP will now become my new resistance and I will sell at my new resistance. I will wait for the price to go back to my PP then pull the trigger. Overroll the CADJPY will continue going down . I will look at my 15min for entry.

CADJPY still continues going down and we at our monthly PP , where I will sell.

My 21/55 EMAs just turned bearish although they have not crossed yet

We can now see our 21/55 EMAs crossed and since I missed that entry , I will wait for the price to go back to my PP and will look at my 15min chart for entry

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