CAD and Oil are still looking for new highs gaining strength on all currencies. We can look to sell the USDCAD on any retracement high’s as Oil seems to want to reach the 50$ area. We might want to be weary though as the USDCAD reaches the 1.25 / Weekly S1 area as there is a main support area at this level. With Oil inventories set to come out today, we could expect more strength from this pair.

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4 thoughts on “CAD Still in the Rally”

  1. Jim Reddihough says:

    Thanks for the analysis

  2. kenny chung says:

    Thanks Guy, i made the same trade earlier today – so re-assuring to know expert traders like you telling us the same thing :O) lastly tho , please make the charts clickable/expandable.

    1. Guy Pelletier - FOREX.TODAY says:

      I’ll look into how to make them expandable

  3. Miles Nummularius says:

    thanks Guy, so still no major retracement to the fall of USDCAD

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