a)market 21/55
b)price action 5/8
Greenback has been weak ever since Trump admin took over worse still with the crap he is been preaching about downfall of OBAMACARE,pound has been killing the markets on this pair.Long term analysis i see the pound still got the muscle to keep on pushing the market up,though on a shorter term good favourable NFP numbers on friday gave the buck an edge and stamina to pull back,looks like its gonna be still bearish technicallyo a short term basis.Price action also still shows signs of price faliing maybe untill the 55 where it may hold with mm2 being support or maybe break through the 55 untill mm1 where its the fibzone in confluence with the psych level(1.28000),zones where am looking to buy in the longer run if it happens like that.


market is bullish 21/55 widely separated,price still bearish and might keep falling untill the 55 or just beneath that which is the fibzone......looking to buy there if GBP still has momentum going up


market becoming flat as 21/55 closes down though stochastics/price is oversold which might trigger buyers to get into the market and pushes the market up.


looks bearish with 21/55 widely seperated but stochastics in an oversold which explains how the dollar got strength through good NFP numbers,but the way price is oversold seems like there is some resistance which might see the change in trend going up due to buyers getting the market.

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  1. how do u get that support and resistance indicator

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