Dear all,

A little bid of my trading with open orders to really try to help you as much of possible.

You may try to do two things. Or you try to build a portfolio swing trading like seen here or you day trade bigger like with one lot.

Of course we all have to make some money to be able to survive. If you trade with mini lots you need to open several trades to make trading worth while.

Then your open orders would look something like this image.

But what if you hate to leave your trades open during the night or worse even over the weekends.

Well then this is your psyche that tells you that you are probably a day trader.

Then you would prefer to open and close a trade during the same day. And then you are done for the day.

Of course the pips would be less but also the stop loss so you could place a bigger trade like 1 or 2 lots.

Try to see what you would prefer. To build up a portfolio, to day trade or to do both.

I am putting in the best effort to try to be able to do both.

Trading both very small time frames and swing trading daily charts.

Please let me know with what you are struggeling and which topic you would like to be mentioned / explained.

It is my pleasure to assist you as much as my knowledge allows.


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  1. Andrew E says:

    Thanks Nuno, interesting and thoughtfully written.

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